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“CYBERBOY® health products are used by people who want better products in their medicine cabinet and in their internal organs.”

- Sr. Roy Andrade, Cyber Boy Corp.


Teachers, surgeons, engineers, architects, authors, chemist,  scientists, salespersons, security guards,  electricians, carpenters, machine operators, food service workers, and professional boxers,  just to name a few, take CYBERYBOY® supplements every day. 


"CYBERBOY® MultiBrain Vitamin is better dude!"

“I have tried numerous brands to help me improve my memory, but, CYBERBOY® MultiBrain Vitamin is better dude!” 

John Garcia - Barcelona, Spain
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"CYBERBOY® Pre-Workout is the bomb!"

“I have spent thousands of pesos on pre-workout supplements from various companies and am convinced that CYBERBOY® Pre-Workout is far better than any brand that anyone is taking before each workout. CYBERBOY® Pre-Workout is the bomb! Tropical Sunrise is delicious. It tastes better than other pre-workout supplement sold in South America. My husband and I also take CYBERBOY® Krill Oil. It’s not only organic, it’s a smarter alternative to fish oil. Gracias Cyber Boy Corp. for all your hard work!” 

Karen Pérez, - Mar de Plata, Argentina

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"Thank you Cyber Boy Corp."

“I am a fan of Sr. Roy Andrade. I’ve read so many news articles about him in Europe and am not surprised to be holding a bottle of CYBERBOY® Turmeric + in my hand.  His work ethic reminds me of Elon Musk. He wasn’t born with a kill switch and appears to be health-conscious now. I have been taking two capsules of CYBERBOY® Turmeric + every day for the past 3 months and have maintained my body weight. My husband is proud of me. Thank you Cyber Boy Corp. for mailing us our supplements on time.” 

Claire Dupont - Paris, France